Este tutorial te guiará en el processo de un proyecto de análisis de datos típico utilizando datos del Censo de Estados Unidos que adquirimos de IPUMS.

Tu sitio para aprender de visualización y ciencia de datos en español. Consejos, recursos y mejores prácticas para tus proyectos de tecnología, periodismo de datos y análisis estadísticos.

Este libro es un documento vivo sobre la visualización de datos en python y específicamente utilizando la biblioteca altair. Aprenderás un poco sobre la grámatica de gráficos y sobre pandas, la biblioteca de análisis de datos más popular de python.

a recreation of the twitterbot @censusAmericans, @evryCalifornian tweets a little bio for every entry in the 2016 American Community Survey (#PoweredByIPUMS)

inspired by @honestdesigners daily drawing challenges and @pybites and @talkpython #100DaysOfCode I morphed the two into a new challenge for myself: creating 100 data visualizations.




tidyverse, shiny, rmarkdown

Visual and Information Design

d3.js + tableau

Data Analysis

Geospatial Analysis

Using Python

Web development

Django (python), some react + basics of HTML/CSS/JS


March 2019 – Present
Oakland, CA

Data Visualization Analyst


As a data visualization analyst in a new team at Alluma I get to help shape data practice + drive data-informed culture. I also:

  • Develop ETL jobs + tests to process, validate, transport, colalte, aggregate, and distribute data.
  • Design and build dashboards and self-service tools in Tableau + Metabase for internal teams and client facing solutions.
  • Conduct training’s on data concepts + specific tools.
February 2019 – Present



As the creator/founder of tacosdedatos my responsibilities vary but three main ones are:

  • Research, write and publish content as well as reach out to potential content creators.
  • Create marketing materials for our content and push them on to the right channels
  • Maintain the website
January 2018 – March 2020

Research Associate

Public Policy Institute of California

Responsibilities include:

  • Data cleaning and statistical analysis
  • Summarize findings for publications
  • Develop and deploy research protocols
May 2017 – October 2018

Data Analyst

Davis Joint Unified School District

Prepared, analyzed, and presented school climate data for stakeholders in the school district.

Recent Publications

A primer on altair themes for consistency in data visualization.

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