April 2022 - Present

Data Engineer


April 2021 - March 2022
Oakland, CA

Data Engineer


As a data engineer at Alluma I get to help shape data practice + drive data-informed culture. I also:

  • Collaborate with leaders of functional areas to identify opportunities to operate more efficiently and effectively and to use data to spark change.
  • Lead the adoption of modern data models and architecture for the organization's applications and operations.
  • Lead the planning and development of a data catalog to serve the organization's data users
  • Lots of Snowflake + Airflow stuff
March 2020 - April 2021
Oakland, CA

Data Visualization Analyst


As a data visualization analyst in a new team at Alluma I get to help shape data practice + drive data-informed culture. I also:

  • Develop ETL jobs + tests to process, validate, transport, colalte, aggregate, and distribute data.
  • Design and build dashboards and self-service tools in Tableau + Metabase for internal teams and client facing solutions.
  • Conduct training's on data concepts + specific tools.
February 2019 - Present



As the creator/founder of tacosdedatos my responsibilities vary but three main ones are:

  • Research, write and publish content as well as reach out to potential content creators.
  • Create marketing materials for our content and push them on to the right channels
  • Maintain the website t acosdedatos.com/
January 2018 - March 2020
San Francisco, California

Research Associate

Public Policy Institute of California

Responsibilities include:

  • Data cleaning and statistical analysis
  • Summarize findings for publications
  • Develop and deploy research protocols
May 2017 - October 2018
Davis, California

Data Analyst

Davis Joint Unified School District

Prepared, analyzed, and presented school climate data for stakeholders in the school district.

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tidyverse, shiny, rmarkdown

Visual and Information Design

d3.js + tableau

Data Analysis

Geospatial Analysis

Using python

Web Development

Django (python) + some react + HTML/CSS/JS